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Promo page

Your promo page

The promotion page contains the minimum amount of information about the goods and services of the customer.

Such a page can be either an independent block of information on a separate domain, or a part of an existing site. In the latter case, the relevance of the topics is important.

Business card

Business card site

This is an excellent solution for both individual and small businesses.

Such a site usually consists of several pages, for example: “Products”, “Services”, “Prices”, “Contact us”, “Feedback form”, “About us”, “Reviews”.


Catalog of services or products

The catalog is an excellent choice for organizations and enterprises with an average turnover.

Usually, the main content of such a site is a multi-page list of services or products. It is desirable to illustrate the elements of the lists with high-quality photos.

Online shopping website

Virtual E-commerce resource

Automated sales of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Functional capabilities of even the simplest specialized selling scripts significantly increase sales volumes.

Individual project

Content management system

Specialized site with powerful software.

Modern technological solutions for the original task. A complex interactive system for implementing a variety of tasks to automate the processing of large amounts of data.

Additional services and components
Domains support and hosting service

Site maintenance

Ongoing actions to maintain the project.

Execution of current payments to the domain registrar. The files are hosted on a professional server. We perform reliable protection against hacking, and also provide regular backups.

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The CMS (Content Management Systems) Installation22
Search engine marketing

The promotion of website

Technology to increase the attendance of a website or an online store

Practical steps to improve the position of the resource in the issuance of search engines. Promotion in social networks. Optimization of the site and its semantics. Attracting targeted visitors.

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Single page content management0.74 for page
Processing photos for the site1.1 for photo
Embedding a video on Web page2.2 for video
Multilanguage site11
Photo Gallery15
News module11
Installation and configurating the slideshow22
Comments module11